“The World’s Loneliest Elephant” Will Finally Be Freed, Thanks To Cher And Other Advocates’ Efforts!

  • Cher has been advocating together with other animal rights groups for the release of Kaavan, a 33-year-old Asian elephant, who she calls “the world’s loneliest elephant.”
  • Finally, on May 21, the Pakistan High Court ruled to have the elephant’s release and transfer to a more suitable sanctuary.
  • Other animals are to be transferred temporarily as well to other sanctuaries while the zoo improves its standards.

Legendary musician Cher was so happy for the scheduled release of an elephant from the Murghazar Zoo in Islamabad after the May 21 ruling by the Pakistan High Court.

Cher at the world film premiere of ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ at Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith in London on July 16, 2018. (Photo Credit: Wiktor Szymanowicz / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The artist advocated for four years for the animal to be set free — what she calls “the world’s loneliest elephant.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kaavan is a 33-year-old Asian elephant who came from Sri Lanka to Pakistan as a gift for the country’s leader during that time. He was only one year old then and only had one playmate, Saheli, who passed away eight years ago, in 2012.

Since 2016, animal rights groups have worked hard for his release — and finally, he is to be freed!

The Pakistan’s Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) is already looking for a “suitable sanctuary” where the big mammal can retire. 

“The pain and suffering of Kaavan must come to an end by relocating him to an appropriate elephant sanctuary,” says the court in the ruling.

Photo Credit: Friends of Islamabad Zoo

This move by the Pakistani government has been partly due to the petitions they received from all over the world after pictures of Kaavan’s poor living conditions, sometimes chained, surfaced the internet. 

The IWMB organized a team with eight members to supervise the transfer of Kaavan. While all other animals will be also moved temporarily to sanctuaries for 60 days as ordered by the court. During these days, the zoo has to improve its standards.

Cher was so happy that her and other’s efforts have finally borne fruit. “It’s so emotional for us that I have to sit down,” she wrote.

Source: Good News Network

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