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These wholesome memes can make you laugh and cry to feel better



Forget about negative memes. Mean-spirited, cringey memes are not funny at all.

No worries. We present you with 15 memes guaranteed to make you smile or even cry a little, but they are 100% family friendly. Some will definitely touch your heart.

1. Oh, young love is so sweet.

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2. Puppy hugs are instant happy pill.

3. Safe and sound like a baby.

4. Better turn that car around.

5. Aren’t we all?

6. Good use of your 9 lives, kitty.

7. What we do for our cats to make them happier.

8. This is the sweetest drawing, ever.

9. Mr. Duck in a bow tie meets his idol.

10. Well, the T-Rex might catch a cold, right?

11. Grannies are the best!

12. Love both guys.

13. Don’t miss a moment to show your love.

14. Sunnyside up with purr-fect yolk, please?

15. When someone tells you, “You belong.”

Source: Inspire More