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This Dog Has The Cutest Obsession: Unicorns!



  • Ever since Rosie took hold of a unicorn toy, she has gotten head-over-heels in love with it.
  • Her mom, Taylor McDonald, shared about Rosie’s unicorn obsession on Instagram and it reached ZippyPaws.
  • The company sent Rosie piles of unicorn toys, which joyfully overwhelmed the unicorn-loving pup.

Rosie, a highly energetic pup, is “clumsy, bouncy, and full of cartoon-like tendencies,” except when it comes to her beloved little unicorns. With them whom she treats as her own babies, Rosie has been the most gentle and cautious — probably careful so they won’t get hurt.

Photo Credit: Taylor McDonald/The Dodo

“Rosie is hilarious,” Taylor McDonald, Rosie’s mom, told The Dodo. “She’s full of spunk and she’s constantly making us laugh. Our other dog, Bindi, is calm and dainty — Rosie has more of a bull-in-a-china-shop type of energy… except when it comes to her beloved little unicorns.”

Her love for unicorns started when Rosie’s mom gave her a ZippyPaws mini unicorn toy. Since then, she has been head-over-heels in love.

Photo Credit: Taylor McDonald/The Dodo

Taylor said that the pup always “has to have one at all times, carries one everywhere, [and] sleeps with them.” This fascination made the family keep backups for wear and tear, to keep Rosie from heart break over broken or lost unicorns, although she never ever destroys one.

“Since our other dog, Bindi, is a toy destroyer, we often have to keep them up high if no one is there to be a ‘unicorn bodyguard’ (yes, that’s what this has come to),” Taylor said. “As a result, at around 5 p.m. each night Rosie will make it very, very known if she doesn’t have a unicorn in her possession.”

Taylor thinks that this obsession is too cute not to share. So, she has posted about Rosie’s love for ZippyPaws mini unicorns on Instagram. The next thing that happened was ZippyPaws reached out to her to send Rosie a unicorn care package!

Photo Credit: Taylor McDonald/The Dodo

“I have never been more excited because I knew how excited Rosie would be,” Taylor said. “Her previous unicorns had really had it by this point, so they couldn’t have arrived at a better time.”

The company sent Rosie, as well as Bindi, lots of unicorn toys, which Taylor placed on the bed to surprise Rosie. The pup was overwhelmed when she was welcomed with a pile of new unicorn babies, the only thing she ever treasured the most.

Photo Credit: Taylor McDonald/The Dodo

“It was as if she couldn’t believe her little eyes. ‘These are ALL for me?!’ Taylor said. “After checking them all out, she then proceeded to make sure to squeak every. single. one. I usually put them all away so that we have spares (except for maybe one or two), but that day I let her have them all.”

Photo Credit: Taylor McDonald/The Dodo

Rosie has “basked in all of her unicorn glory.” And Taylor was sure, she heard her unicorn-loving pup “squeaking” over it, savoring that moment of getting lots of unicorn babies to care for — and yes, probably to get obsessed with.

Source: The Dodo