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This puppy ordered a strange item from eBay



  • Faye Chandler’s puppy Max has made the oddest purchase online.
  • When Faye was done ordering an art print on eBay, she left the couch with her phone unlocked.
  • Soon enough, Max invaded the empty sofa and playfully jumped on it — and a historical letter was effortlessly purchased.

It’s such an honor to introduce this puppy, Max, who seems to recognize a historical event not everyone knows about.

A cockapoo pup, “Max is a very curious boy and can be quite giddy,” Faye Chandler, Max’s mom, told The Dodo. “He’s the funniest, craziest, kindest boy.”

Photo Credit: Faye Chandler/The Dodo

Recently, Faye discovered that her dog is apparently a history enthusiast. It was when she was ordering an art print on eBay and left her phone unlocked on the sofa.

As his mom went to the other room, Max saw the vacant couch and got really excited it was all to himself.

Photo Credit: Faye Chandler/The Dodo

“Max came bounding over and jumped on the sofa where my phone was,” Faye said. “He was messing about, shuffling his bum around to get comfy and then settled.”

When Faye returned, she was surprisingly welcomed with a message saying: “Your item has been shipped.”

Clueless at first, Faye had no idea what her art print order had to do with a framed print of a 1745 letter from Charles Edward Stuart. But when Max gazed at her, seemingly enchanting her with his big, brown eyes, it dawned on her that it was Max’s doing.

Photo Credit: Faye Chandler/The Dodo

Funny, he did the purchase using his butt!

The ancient letter that Max ordered requested aid for Charles’ campaign to restore the House of Stuart to the throne of England at the start of the Jacobite Rebellion.

“I contacted the seller to say the order was incorrect and they replied saying it was correct to the order,” Faye said. “I replied saying, ‘My dog ordered this,’ [but] I didn’t challenge the sale further. I thought, if Max is interested in the Jacobite Rebellion then why not?”

The print is now on display, so Max can look at it whenever he wants.

Photo Credit: Faye Chandler/The Dodo

“The print is now proudly hung up, adding a homely feel to his crate,” Faye said. “I might introduce him to ‘Outlander’ next, as I feel it would be right up his street.”

Beyond doubt, Max has a way to be charming even with the troubles he makes.

Source: The Dodo