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This Rescue Cat Has An Adorable Way Of Begging For Food [Video]



  • One cat named Charlie went viral on TikTok when his video showed how he would squat and beg for food from his parents.
  • The owners said they do not know how Charlie learned how to put his paws together and wave them in the air but it is his sign language that he’s hungry.
  • The video shared by @ohcharliecat on TikTok has reached 8.6 million views and 1.8 million likes.

Charlie, now a 3-year-old ginger tabby, was rescued as a kitten together with his siblings in a field after a hawk attacked their mother.

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Since he was a little boy, he would do the “squat and beg” motion when he would ask for food when he was hungry.  His parents do not know where he learned the gesture but he does get what he asks for sweetly— food especially his favorite chicken.

His parents said, “Charlie stood up on the window sill and begged at us! It was a mix of cute + bizarre + funny.”

Photo Credit: @ohcharliecat (TikTok)

In a clip posted by TikTok user @ohcharliecat, Charlie puts his paws together and waves them in the air from the dinner table to the top of an exercise ball. It is his sign language to inform his parents he needs to be fed.

The footage has now reached 8.6 million views and 1.8 million likes.

@ohcharliecat No cats were “broken up with” in the making of this tiktok 😂 #catsoftiktok #cat #fyp #viral #orangecat ♬ original sound – Mary 🧚‍♀️

And viewers could not get enough of Charlie with one user named Salmon fish calling him “the sweetest baby” and kt to write: “Give that baby whatever he wants” as LuckLuck interpreted it as “Someone is hungry.”  Abbie meanwhile jokes, “He’s directing a orchestra.”

But sunflxwer.bellaa said “It kinda looks like he’s saying thank you.”

Photo Credit: @ohcharliecat (TikTok)

Research on cat intelligence suggests that cats are actually pretty clever.  As with dogs, they can pass the “pointing test” where they walk over to the objects that their owners tell them to. 

Cat behavior expert Stephen Quandt said that cats can really learn sign language. “Cats are always trying to figure out how to get rewards. They listen to our voices, body language and physical signals. You can use your hand (and treats) to teach a cat how to high-five you.”

Some hearing-impaired owners have taught their cats some basic hand signals and reward them for their understanding.

Quandt added that the behavior gets them the attention that they want as a response from their owner. It certainly got attention and food for Charlie. Good job, boy!

Source: Newsweek