This tiny dog is saving countless lives in Ukraine [Video]

  • A small dog is saving numerous lives in Ukraine.
  • Patron is a Jack Russell Terrier who detects bombs for the Ukrainian army.
  • He has detected 90 explosives so far. 

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, we are hearing tragic stories of Ukrainians who are fighting to save their nation.

One of these Ukrainian heroes is a tiny figure. He’s mostly white with some brown markings, and he wears a small bulletproof jacket to keep him safe while using his sensitive hunting nose to sniff for bombs, landmines, and other explosives. He is Patron, and he’s a national hero at the moment.

Patron is a Jack Russell Terrier trained to detect bombs for the Ukrainian army. Though we commonly consider larger breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds as military dogs, Patron’s small height and keen nose make him an excellent asset in a war zone.

Originally, Jack Russell Terriers were bred to chase foxes, groundhogs, badgers, and otters away from their dens. They’ve been trained to detect the presence of burrowing critters while leaving the ground intact so hunters can flush the prey. These qualities have been nurtured into these pups for generations, and they are exactly what soldiers require while searching for concealed explosives.


JRTs are high-energy dogs who need a lot of training and excitement to keep their wits sharp. While no one enjoys being in a war zone, it’s just another day at work for dogs like Patron. Patron has been hailed a hero for detecting more than 90 explosive devices so far in the war, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, which recently released information about him online.


They wrote on Facebook:

“News from Patron! Our militant dog — the mascot of Chernihiv pyrotechnicians continues to serve! Since the beginning of the war, he and SES sappers have cleared almost 90 explosive devices. Thank you, my friend, for your tireless work!”

The 2-year-old dog has been credited with saving numerous lives by detecting devices such as landmines, which litter the terrain and cause unimaginable accidents and fatalities.


Russia has been accused of war crimes, including using prohibited deadly weapons against people such as cluster bombs and thermobaric weapons. 

It’s still unclear how many civilians died because of the Russian invasion, but military puppies like Patron are working hard to make those figures as low as possible.

Patron is the perfect pup! Domesticated dogs play an enormous role in our lives, assisting their human companions in a variety of ways. 

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Unsung heroes, honored heroes, and humble furry heroes. If anything, Ukraine shall be forever honored for the courage of its heroes — people and animals too~