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Thoughtful Pup Clears Rugs For Grandma’s Wheelchair [Video]



  • Ana Clara wants to make her grandmother, who is in a wheelchair, feel comfortable in her house so all of the family members, including their dog, Lili, want to take part in doing that. 
  • In her little efforts to make life easier for grandma, Lili developed a habit of taking away the rugs so she could move her wheelchair with ease.
  • And grandma is very happy about Lili’s loyalty and thoughtfulness.

Ana Clara Simoes’ grandmother and her little dog Lili have been enjoying each other’s company for two years now. But more than just being a companion, the sweet pup proves herself to be a thoughtful one too.

Lili sees to it that her favorite human is well taken care of always and that everything in the house is made easy for her to move around.

Ana Clara and her family from Brazil, took charge in taking care of her 86 years old grandmother and they made sure that she’s living her best life despite her condition — of course Lili wanted to take part in that. 

Grandma uses a wheelchair, and whenever she comes home, they noticed that Lili would always rush to drag a pair of carpets off her way so that it’s easier for her to move around in the wheelchair. 

Photo Credit: Ana Clara SImoes

“Lili learned to do it herself,” Ana Clara told The Dodo. “We were all very surprised and admire her for it.”

“At first we thought it was a coincidence. But we realized that it only happened when my grandmother was going to pass through. It’s an act of care.”

While the adorable little pup has not figured out how to move the rugs back to their place just yet, her thoughtful deeds have started to influence the other pup, Lara, who has also been seen moving carpets like her.

Grandma appreciates Lili’s efforts and her loyalty. “It certainly makes her very happy. Lili is a great companion,” Ana Clara said. “My grandmother is doing well. I am very happy to know that she has Lili there.”

Source: The Dodo