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Three Young Boys’ Quick Action Save Dad From Drowning



  • A meditation session at the bottom of the pool went bad for one Dad.
  • His twin sons and their friend managed to call for help, perform CPR and let authorities bring him back to life.
  • Dad is thankful for the three boys’ quick action.

Brad Hassig does his meditation in their backyard pool by sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the pool.  He finds it peaceful and relaxing to do his breathing exercises that way, every day. His kids are used to him staying in that position for minutes.

On this day, his twin 10-year-old sons, Bridon and Christian, were playing in their backyard with their friend Sam Ebert.  Christian noticed that his dad was not sitting in his usual position and so he put on his goggles and dove in the pool.

His dad was drowning and that is when he shouted out that his dad was not okay to Bridon and Sam.

Photo Credit: Rick Karle WVTM 13 (Facebook)

The kids immediately went into action. Sam ran to the neighbors who were not at home that time.  Good that he got help from a passing driver who called 911. Bridon and Christian grabbed their father from the bottom of the pool to the stairs and copied how people on TV administer CPR and rescue breaths while begging their Dad to come back.

When the rescue team arrived, their neighbor Dr. Siva Krothapalli, also came to the scene and helped the kids bring their dad to the pool deck. They continued the CPR until the authorities came. It was then that Brad sputtered and coughed.

Photo Credit: Hassig Family Chiropractic (Facebook)

Brad could not remember what happened to him in the pool but when he came to, he knew he had difficulty breathing and was coughing water and blood and he could hear his son crying for him to come back.

After spending the night in the hospital, Brad was allowed to go home.  Now he is grateful that he was not alone that day and that his sons had the presence of mind to stay calm and find help to save him.

Photo Credit: Rick Karle WVTM 13 (Facebook)

Brad said, “I love them,” said Brad. “I’m very proud of them and grateful. I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life.”

Now, both Bridon and Christian have cellphones and their family are enrolling in CPR and lifesaving courses.

Amazing job, Bridon, Christian and Sam!


Source: Inspire More