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Tim McGraw Surprised Nurses By Joining In A Video Conference With Latest Single “I Called Mama” [Video]



  • While we can’t thank the frontliners enough, Tim McGraw did his best to show how grateful he is to them.
  • So in a conference of nurses, the singer suddenly joined in ang sang for them as a gesture of gratitude. 
  • McGraw also worked with Spotify to release “The Drop In” scheduled to livestream on Wednesday as a show of appreciation to health workers.

There is absolutely no way we could thank enough the frontliners for risking their lives to fight against the deadly COVID-19 for the sake of humanity. That’s exactly the reason why Tim McGraw did his best to cheer them up in the best way he knows.

The 53-year-old American singer and actor teamed up with Spotify to release a series called “The Drop In” intended as a surprise to health workers and express gratitude for their unyielding efforts amidst the pandemic.

In a video conference, the health workers thought it would be just another one of their usual meetings talking about work when out of nowhere, a familiar face suddenly popped up and joined the conversation.

“I know some of you guys are off and wondering why you’re having to call in on a day off,” the “Humble and Kind” McGraw said. “Hopefully, I’m not messing it up too much.”

Photo Credit: Daily Blast LIVE (Youtube)

The nurses were all smiles and clearly recovering slowly from the shock of having the country musician as a guest. Then they learned the true intention of the video call and got to hear the reason why the artist was so grateful for them.

“I just wanted to say thank you and what great work you guys are doing,” he told them. “Most importantly, for me, it’s an inspiration to my daughters. As they go out into the world, they can see what you guys do. And that’s one of the bright lights, I think, through all of this, being able to see how much people care, how hard people work, how selfless people can be — especially you guys, our front-line workers who put their lives on the line and take care of people. And you give our kids something to emulate as they go forward in life.”

Photo Credit: Daily Blast LIVE (Youtube)

McGraw, who is a father of three, knows how this pandemic greatly affects not just them health workers, but also their kids.

“I know you guys have extra care for your family, going home to your families and stuff,” he said. “I know that that weighs on you when you go home from work. I guess that’s a constant thought with you guys, with the work that you do.”

So in his own way, he wanted to lift their spirits up and sang a song for them,  “I Called Mama.” Then he continued to praise them for their hard work and dedication to their wonderful jobs. 

“The Drop In” full episode will livestream on Wednesday. 

Source: TODAY.Com