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Tiny, abandoned kitten found a family with 12-year old Lab



  • Pocket-size feline Polly was adopted by Morgan McKenzie after the latter found her alone on her property in Delaware.
  • Twelve-year-old Paxton showed ‘fatherly love’ to the orphaned kitten which their proud owner said began when the lab licked Polly.
  • McKenzie described Paxton’s patience as ‘infinite’ for the large dog never gets mad at the kitten even if she is irksome sometimes.

Stories of how totally different animals shower each other with unconditional love have been circulating online but people do not get tired of these. Just like with the kind of affection that Polly and Paxton invested in each other. 

In an interview with The Dodo, Morgan McKenzie shared that they met the then two-day-old kitten whom they later called Polly in her property in Delaware. She was walking around the place when tiny yelps caught her attention. Curious, she searched the place and found a gray and white kitten in a hollowed-out log. Thinking that the kitten’s mother would return, she opted to leave it but as night fell, McKenzie returned to check the kitten whose ears, she described, were still folded.

“When it started to get dark, we went back to make sure she was gone, but we could still hear her little cries,” McKenzie said.

“I was so glad we picked her up,” the cat saver continued, “because I don’t think she would have made it.”

McKenzie brought the starving pocket-sized kitten home and bathed her in the sink for she was covered with fleas.  After the bath, the eventual meeting took place between the 12-year old Labrador, Paxton, and Polly which the owner described as ‘love at an instant’.

“He fell in love with her at first because he got to clean her after every bottle feed and she loved it because she didn’t know any difference,” explained Mackenzie.

She may not have seen his newfound friend because her eyes were still closed, but Polly knew that she found an instant ‘dad’ in the large dog who will take care of her.

After five weeks, McKenzie said that Polly’s vision became clear and her relationship with Paxton became stronger.

“I don’t think she ever knew any better so Polly thinks this is all just normal,” the owner of the pets shared.

Now that Polly is 5 months old and Paxton is almost 13 years, it seems that they never get tired of each other. They are often seen cuddling each other on the couch, and of course, playing and enjoying their food together.


Just like an ever-understanding older buddy, Paxton never loses his patience to Polly who is annoying sometimes for the latter steals the former’s much-loved toys. Despite this, the dog’s treatment of the kitten never changed.  

“The two of them still adore each other. She’s becoming more of the pesky little sister who loves to follow him around and attack the toys he is playing with,” McKenzie ended.

Source: The Dodo