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Tiny Persian Kitten Finds An Adorable Way To Feed His Curiosity



  • Salem may be a tiny Persian kitten, but he sure is full of confidence.
  • The curious kitty always wants to see what his mom, Samantha, is up to.
  • Salem’s size did not prevent him from getting her attention even if it means he has to climb up a scratch post and stand straight up.

Salem is a confident kitten. This much is certain for the family from the first day their home was opened for the little kitten. Samantha Burshaw describes her cat as “so smart and so determined that he will always find a way to get what he wants.”

The Dodo | Samantha Burshaw

Salem is just a tiny kitten. This means that there are places inside the house inaccessible for him because of his height, certainly frustrating for a kitten that is just curious about every detail.

No matter, the kitten makes up for his height with his optimism. Salem pushes himself to look at the problem from a different angle and tries to find a way to make things work for him.

The Dodo | Samantha Burshaw

“He is still quite young so he can’t quite get up onto things like counters or full-height tables,” Samantha said. “He also has short legs even for a Persian so that doesn’t help. He clearly is capable of finding other ways to get where he wants to go, though!” 

Samantha was cutting vegetables at her kitchen counter one day, but her kitten decided that he wanted to be picked up in the middle of the chore. Salem first tried to get Samantha’s attention by pawing at her legs and feet, but it did not do the trick so, he decided to try and find another way. 

Samantha continued with the chore, thinking that her cat had gone off somewhere to play, but when she looked up from the chopping board … 

The Dodo | Samantha Burshaw

… Salem’s little face was peering over the counter, looking intently at her.

The Dodo | Samantha Burshaw

She quickly looked around, trying to figure out how her cat had boosted himself up the kitchen counter. Samantha realized that Salem was like a little acrobat, he somehow managed to climb up on his scratching post and stood straight up the counter.

“I laughed so hard,” Samantha said. “He has gotten up on the scratching post a few times before then but he’s never stood up like a meerkat like that. He was standing there for a few minutes before he decided it was too far of a jump.” 

The cat probably realized that there are other ways to get Samantha to notice him and standing straight on his scratching pole is too risky. Salem still hangout, perched on the scratching post sometimes, but he did not stand up on the post like an acrobat again. Samantha figures that her cat probably is embarrassed that the deed did not do the trick the first time he tried it.

The Dodo | Samantha Burshaw

“He’s back to just begging to be picked up, he’s too proud to try the scratching post again,” Samantha said. 

Source: The Dodo