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To Ensure Their 9 Lives, Cats Focus On Watching ‘Safety Training’ Video



  • Cats are believed to have nine lives.  These two felines have been learning how to safeguard theirs by watching a safety training video.
  • The video has got the web in stitches as the cats are really serious with their lessons.
  • The video has really captured the cats’ attention and so do the viewers with the cats’ concentration.

It is doing the rounds on the internet and if it does not get you laughing, it is sure to put a smile on your face.

Cats can get into tricky situations that may endanger their lives and so @unrealsami‘s video of her cats ensuring that they do not lose any of their nine lives by being glued to the tv, watching a training on how to keep felines safe and sound, is just so funny.

@unrealsami Training them just in case. #catsoftiktok #FilmTeyvatIslands #foryou ♬ Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Bryce Miller/Alloy Tracks Remix) – Journey & Steve Perry

Viewers cannot stop themselves from commenting.  Like this one from @lisachaulkfrausto: “I love how they’re paying attention 😻”

The cats are really serious with their lessons.  Their lives depend on it!  The ginger even moves closer to the tv to focus more. 

Photo Credit: @unrealsami (TikTok)

Another commenter said: “yk orange gon go out there and try it if it works.” Which we hope the ginger does not do.

The cats even look at each other and maybe ask each other what they have been learning, so far.  You know, like students talk about their answers on their exams and compare.  @exterma23 commented, “Lmao he looked back at the other cat like you watching this too 😂.”

Photo Credit: @unrealsami (TikTok)

Their owner has certainly started with safeguarding their lives by keeping them indoors and getting them hooked on the tv. 

May you live long, furbabies!

Source: Pet Helpful