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Twitter Came Through for Daughter Who Sought Help For Dad’s Struggling Business



  • Giselle saw how his dad’s small business was struggling during the pandemic.
  • So the loving daughter decided to advertise it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral!
  • The support was overwhelming, and since then, his dad sold out on some days!

A daughter’s tweet that sought to bring attention to her dad’s struggling taco truck business received overwhelming support across the country!

Taqueria El Torito was trying hard to survive amidst the global pandemic. But, on Saturday, they sold only $6.

So Giselle Aviles, the owner’s 21-year-old daughter, decided to take it to Twitter to help boost the business. Her tweet was short but sweet. She humbly asked her followers to spread the word about their mobile taqueria in Humble, Texas. 

“I wouldn’t normally do this,” she wrote, “but my dad’s taco truck business is struggling, he only sold $6 today. If you could retweet, I would appreciate you so much.” Then she added the address of the store.

Over the weekend, the post earned 10k retweets and the taqueria has sold out in some days since!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Giselle Aviles

Giselle said his father, Elias, was never familiar with social media and how powerful it can be for advertising. 

“He doesn’t believe he has 2,000 retweets … or get what that means!” Giselle wrote, talking about their business Twitter account which was run by his father.

After many people retweeted the post, Giselle asked them to tell his dad that they discovered Taqueria on Twitter, in order to convince him of social media’s potential for boosting his business. She also created an Instagram account for the business. 

Some of those who retweeted the post were longtime regular customers.


Taqueria El Torito soon became so famous that others even requested them to drive to other states!

On Tuesday, Giselle posted an update on how people were lining up to buy from his dad’s truck. The support was so overwhelming that they even had to hire new people!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Giselle Aviles

“We are overwhelmed with joy from the response and support we’ve been receiving, it’s amazing what social media can do!!” she said.

Source: TODAY