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Watch a USPS Driver Photobomb a Tiktok Dance Video – So Funny It Went Viral!



  • A USPS driver stole the limelight from two university students recording their TikTok dance video by the street when she photobombed them.
  • The mailwoman parked in front of the mailbox where the camera is placed, blocking the pair from view, and then waved at the camera in front of her before laughing.
  • The video she posted on her account collected more than 27 million views on social media and thousands of replies on the comment box.

A United States Postal Service (USPS) worker delivered more than just postal service on April 30. She delivered smiles around the world after an unplanned cameo in another’s video on TikTok.


IM CRYIN @collinskitchens ##neverfitin ##acnh ##onecommunity ##fail ##viral ##funny ♬ Party Girl – StaySolidRocky

The mailwoman on the popular video is unidentified. She was on Vestavia Hills, Alabama delivering packages on April 30 when she stole the limelight from Alexis Dinga and Collins Kitchens who were recording a dance video for TikTok.

Alexis and Collins set up their equipment to record their video outdoors. The two decided on using the mailbox upfront as their tripod, putting the cellphone on top of it. The camera was rolling, but before the two even got the chance to start dancing, the USPS driver pulled up in front of the mailbox and blocked both of them from camera view.

The mailwoman looked directly into the camera now in front of her and smiled. She waved and then let out an infectious laugh.

This was not part of their plan, but Alexis decided to post the video online anyway. The video she posted on her account gahered more than 27 million views and thousands of replies on the comment box from people who enjoyed the spontaneous cameo.

“We must protect her at all costs,” said one TikTok user.

“Please tell me you thank her every day,” commented another.

“This is literally the best thing ever,” said a third.

Alexis tracked down the now-famous USPS worker. She decided that she wanted to say her thanks with a gift, especially since their video went viral because of her cameo performance. She gave the mailwoman a box of gloves per her request.


y’all asked, SHE delivered ???? ##literally @collinskitchens ♬ original sound – dj_yames

Alexis and Collins posted another video on social media with the same mailwoman after they had tracked her down. The follow-up video had collected more than 5.8 million views on TikTok.

Source: Aol