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Watch Nick Jonas Coached “The Voice” Contestant Tate Brusa in an Impromptu Duet



  • Singing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran had made two judges turn their chairs for a 16-year-old singer from Utah.
  • Nick Jonas and Blake Shelton went head-to-head trying to convince Tate Brusa to pick them as his coach.
  • Tate chooses Nick as his mentor for the season after the first-time coach gave Tate real-time coaching advice on stage.

The Voice returns with judges Judges Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Nick Jonas for a new season, and the blind audition talent is already stacked, to say the least.

The 16-year-old singer Tate Brusa, from Salt Lake City, Utah, has decided to take a shot at fame by competing on “The Voice.”

Tate took the stage for a chance to be on the show and sang “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran for his blind audition with his family cheering him on backstage.

Tate finished off his performance hitting an especially raspy note during the final seconds of the song, and the result of it all was pretty incredible as he managed to have two judges turn their chairs for him!

Blake and Nick went head-to-head trying to convince Tate who would be the best option for a coach who would mentor him throughout the season. This went on with Kelly and John sharing their opinions on the matter and urged the teen to pick Nick as his coach.

Nick was pleased with the endorsements but he did not stop there.

He was new to the show, but he did not let others speak for him in his pursuit to get the singer on his team. He went on and got personal instead. The singer moved to give Tate real-time coaching advice on stage, citing his singing career to prove his point that he knows what it is like to perform at a young age.


The discussion covered posture and the voice cracking one experiences well into puberty. Nick demonstrated techniques using vowel sounds for voice projection and finished off by having Tate try it out with him, while on stage.

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Tate follows suit with the given instructions and his performance went on better than it was before!


Nick seemed to be the obvious winner at this point, and Blake was feeling the disadvantage he was on.


Blake decided at this point to randomly bring out an adorable puppy onto his lap, saying that the dog would have to back to the animal shelter if Tate did not choose him as his coach.

It was all in good fun, but despite the playful threat, Tate chose Nick as his coach, especially since he has already learned so much from the singer.

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