Watch the heartbreaking moment a dog visits her owner’s grave [Video]

  • Athena’s 20-year-old owner passed away six months ago. 
  • Her owner was laid to rest 2000 miles away from where she lives now. 
  • When she finally visited the gravesite, an incredible and heartbreaking thing happened.

We can’t stop crying after watching this heartbreaking video shared by TikTok user @bizzylizzy13.

Lizzy’s 20-year-old son passed away roughly 6 months ago. Her son had a dog named Athena, who we can only assume is perplexed since her owner hasn’t returned home. So Lizzy thought it was time for the dog to pay her respects to her owner’s grave.


The heartbroken dog lived around 2000 miles away from her owner’s grave,  but she was able to make the trip to the gravesite with Lizzy. According to the video’s subtitles, Athena was alright for a while, but what she does while visiting leads us to assume she knew her owner was present in spirit. You’ll need a tissue for this one.

We’re at a loss for words. This is amazing and tragic at the same time. Athena began digging at the tomb.  It was as if she could sniff her owner or sense his presence.

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In the comments, Lizzy wrote: β€œI never expected this. I was bringing her to him. I know he would want that. I didn’t expect her to sense him there like that.” We doubt anyone would have expected that. And as soon as she did start digging, we were balling just like Lizzy. It’s so heart-wrenching to watch. 

β€œI am so sorry! The pain you two are going through. I can’t stop crying πŸ’”,” commented @heidz.

We, too, can’t stop. Our hearts hurt for the sorrow that both the puppy and Lizzy are experiencing.


β€œThe digging and hearing you cry you can’t dig just broke me,” @Maggie added.

This video, we believe, broke the hearts of all 4.4 million viewers.

TikTok provided some uplighting words. when she said:

β€œHe was with you in that moment. He’ll always be there πŸ™πŸΌ.” 

And, hopefully, Athena now understands that he will always be there for her too.

Source: Pet Helpful

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