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Watch This Music Lover Dog Sings “Lean On Me” With His Dad, Dedicated For All Frontliners [Video]



  • Tate works as an administrative resident at Denver’s largest healthcare system.
  • And he knows exactly how important the frontliners are especially during this time of the pandemic.
  • So he decided to dedicate a song for them and soon enough, his adorable dog joined in the singing!

Ever since he was just a puppy, Kovu has always been open to her family and was never scared to use his voice and speak up!

“Kovu certainly has a personality — he is sassy, loving, caring and definitely vocal,” his dad, Tate Hegstrom, told The Dodo. “His voice allows him to show so many different emotions depending on his mood.”

Tate works as an administrative resident at the largest healthcare system in Denver, HealthOne. But aside from being passionate in the healthcare field, he also has a passion for music—and so is his dog Kovu, who also loves to sing along when he plays the guitar. 

“Kovu started singing as soon as he could howl — since he was a puppy,” Tate said. “Any time I play the guitar and sing, he jumps right in with some harmony!” 

So when he decided to dedicate a song for the frontliners and first responders—as being in his line of work he knows how important they are in the battle against coronavirus—to ease off their burden even just a little and lift their spirits up, Kovu decided he should help too!

The song Tate has chosen to cover was “Lean On Me” by Club Nouveau, and it didn’t take long for Kovu to join in the singing with his dad. He howled along and it was a perfect duet!

Toward the end, the adorable dog leaned in on his dad as if he totally understood what the song meant and for whom it was for—reminding each and everyone of us that we have each other to support and lean on.

Photo Credit: kovu.sings (Instagram)

Tate then posted the video on Instagram and it has sure made a lot of people smile as it was viewed more than 26,500 times.

“During a time when being physically together as a community is difficult, people resort to finding community online,” Tate said. “I think during this time, a video with a cute puppy who can sing a song with an uplifting message is something people needed, and it’s given people a smile.”

Source: The Dodo