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When A 90-Year-Old Resident Stopped Taking Out Her Trash, The Garbage Collector Checked On Her And Ended Up Saving Her Life



  • Jake Bland manages the Hometown Hauling in Louisville, Kentucky, and his company cares for the people in the community more than just collecting garbage.
  • So when he noticed that a resident was not taking out her trash for two weeks, he ordered the company dispatcher Bernice Arthur to check on her. 
  • They found out, she’s been afraid to go out and buy groceries which resulted in having barely anything to throw out.

Hometown Hauling is a residential garbage company from Louisville, Kentucky, that truly cares for the people in their community.

Jake Bland, the company’s operation manager, has proved that when he saved the life of a woman after he went above and beyond his call of duty when he noticed something was amiss.

Photo Credit: WDRB

Mrs. W, a 90-year-old woman living in one of the houses in his garbage route has been unable to take her garbage out for two weeks. Concerned, Jake ordered the company dispatcher Bernice Arthur to check on her. 

That’s when they learned Mrs. W has been afraid to go out and buy his food supplies and other necessities because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As her food was nearly running out, she didn’t have anything to throw away as a result.

Photo Credit: WDRB

Fortunately, she’s fine. “She has no family, nobody,” Bernice explained. “I said, ‘You do have a family now.’”

So then Jake did not hesitate to make her a grocery list and he went to buy all the important items for her and delivered them personally to her—all charged to the company!

Jake and Bernice are true heroes in their act to help get Mrs. W the supplies she needs, and they are just happy to lend a hand.

Photo Credit: WDRB

“Had we not reached out to her — she wasn’t reaching out to anyone,” Bernice said. “It taught me, regardless, check on them. Put something on their porch. Let them know.”

“It was even in a nice neighborhood. You never know what’s going on in your neighbor’s house,” Jake said.

This is such a powerful reminder that in difficult times like these, we need to care for each other more than ever.

Source: Inspire More