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When Crow Needs Extra Love, He Returns to Family Who Rescued Him



  • A little baby crow fell down and lay struggling on the ground at the Bryce family home.
  • The Bryce couple took him inside their house, helped him heal his wounds, nourished him, named him Oscar and kept him until he was fit to be released.
  • After Oscar’s release, he came back and keeps coming back to visit and stay with his rescue family any time he wants some more loving.

When you do an act of kindness to an animal, you do not expect to be thanked but just wish they get to live well.  But when they do express their gratitude in their actions, it brings you so much joy.

Dana Bryce and her fiancée were not expecting to rescue a baby crow on the day they were doing some organizing and cleaning outdoors.  But the crows created a commotion and got their attention— a struggling baby bird was lying on the ground.

@danabryce Lola and Oscar have been close since he was a baby ❤️👍🏼#angel #cat #Lola #Oscar #pet #save #animals #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #xyzbca ♬ original sound – Dana Bryce

The couple picked him up, kept him warm in a bin, fed him, cared for him and named him Oscar until he was ready to be released into the wild.

When Oscar grew and healed, they took him outside where his crow family was. It was a safe environment for him to be released to.

@danabryce Oscar came back after letting him free from a baby ! 🔥👍🏼 #pet #crow #cute #foryoupage #fyp #baby #save #animals ♬ original sound – Dana Bryce

The Bruce family was elated at the thought that Oscar would be reunited with his family and at the same time sad that they had to let Oscar go.  They just wished that they would get to see Oscar every now and then.

Photo Credit: Dana Bryce

But then, Oscar knew he had another home to come home to when he needed some loving and so he came flying onto the deck and yelling and excited to be with his rescue family again, a day and a half after he was released.

Photo Credit: Dana Bryce

Oscar now visits his family almost every day.  Bryce said, “He stays on the deck and in the trees and visits all day long. He likes to hop around and land on us and goes for walks when we go with our daughter. He’s very assertive and vocal. He’s curious and likes to come in the house and hang out on the window sills.”

Oscar has even befriended the family cat who allows him to be with her.

Because he was shown love, Oscar now returns that love by being there for his rescue family as much as he can.

Source: The Dodo