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When Little Girl’s Dog Best Friend Passed Away, She Wrote Her A Letter In Heaven



  • Maci and her dog, Kendal, have been best friends ever since.
  • They were inseparable until recently when Kendal passed away.
  • The little girl was devastated as she misses her best friend so much so she wrote a letter to her in heaven and the pup’s reply was amazing!

Four-year-old girl Maci and her dog best friend Kendal were inseparable since the start.

Wherever one goes, the other one follows.

“She often laid next to Maci while she played,” Maci’s mom, Crystal Hopkins, told The Dodo. “Maci would stop out of the blue and rub Kendal or give a quick hug and say, ‘I love you, you’re a good girl.’”

Photo Credit: Crystal Hopkins

However, Kendal passed away recently leaving Maci—but the way the little girl handles it was amazingly graceful.

Kendal died at the age of 13 after battling some health issues. Understandably, Maci was heartbroken but she seemed to understand that her beloved dog has moved on to a better place. 

“She got very upset,” Crystal said. “After she calmed down, she said she wanted to draw a Kendal a picture and give it to her in heaven.”

So then Maci began sketching a portrait of her most favorite pet—and her message was clear.

Photo Credit: Crystal Hopkins

“Maci says it said she loves her and misses her,” Crystal said. “After we addressed it to heaven, I told her she can give it to our mailman.”

The following morning, Mace gave the precious letter to the mailman. And the mailman assured Maci it sure would make its way to Kendal in heaven.

Photo Credit: Crystal Hopkins

The day after, their mailman came back bearing with him a letter in return—to Maci with love from Kendal in heaven.

“When we told her she got a letter back, she hugged it,” Crystal said.

Photo Credit: Crystal Hopkins

The letter may simply have just said some thanks to Maci from Kendal, but to the sweet little kid, it meant the whole world.

“She told us it says Kendal loves her, misses her and that she will always be in her heart,” Crystal said.

Crystal was surprised at how quickly her daughter got a reply. She’s grateful for the mailman who took the extra effort to make the sweet gesture.

Photo Credit: Crystal Hopkins

“That day, she seemed to be a little more like her happy-go-lucky self,” Crystal said. “It made her very happy.”

Kendal and Maci may not be together anymore, but at least, the little girl now knows her beloved best friend is in heaven watching and guiding her all the time—


—And she said Kendal will always be in her heart.

Source: The Dodo