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When Visitors Stopped Coming Due To Quarantine, Grouper Fish Became Lonely And Refuses To Eat Until First-Graders Sent Him Cute Drawings! [Video]



  • Chang, a grouper fish, misses his human visitors during quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Since the start of the lockdowns that halted the visits, he has become lonely and refused to eat lurking only in the dark parts of his tank.
  • But when some first-graders sent him a package of their cute drawings, he was so happy and started eating again.

While many animals get the opportunity to explore more in and out of their enclosures during this time of quarantine, there are still those who miss seeing their human friends — just like Chang the friendly grouper fish.

Since the start of lockdowns due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, Chang has been a little melancholic after his human visitors stopped coming at the Cairns Aquarium in Queensland, Australia. He loves seeing them and he clearly misses them now. 

When visitation to the facility halted, Chang was clearly lonely and he even started hiding frequently in the dark parts of his tank refusing to eat. Fortunately, Chang’s youngest fans missed him too and made a way to cheer him up.

“I think people see Chang as being emblematic of the loneliness that can happen to people and animals during this crisis,”  Daniel Leipnik, the aquarium chief executive, said. 

Photo Credit: Cairns Aquarium

Chang’s life story is something that first-graders at Torbanlea State School can relate to during these trying times especially that they now experience how difficult it is to be in quarantine. That is why they thought of sending him cute drawings from more than 900 miles away to make Chang feel a little better. 

“We received this package out of nowhere and it was addressed to Chang the Lonely Grouper,” Daniel said. The package also includes a letter that reads:

Photo Credit: Cairns Aquarium

“When we couldn’t come to school, some of us were feeling gloomy too,” it says. “Things will get back to normal, everything will be alright and you will be joyful again soon, like us. That way, when you and your friends swim by, you will see people outside and you will feel happy again.”

As the staff started putting the drawings up in line outside his tank, they were astonished when Chang suddenly got out from a dark corner and was so curious to see the drawings. The most amazing thing was, he started eating again! 

Photo Credit: Cairns Aquarium

“We put them up and he came over, he was definitely looking at them,” Daniel said. “The fact that the kids took the time in their classroom to draw these pictures … and make Chang feel better, is just beautiful.”

We are glad to hear that Chang is feeling better and we are very thankful for his amazing fan club!

Source: Inspire More