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Wife Created A Facebook Page To Help Her Husband Get A New Kidney, Now The Page Is Saving Other People’s Lives Too



  • In 2014, Raleigh’s kidneys were failing so Kristi looked for a way to help her husband.
  • Knowing that the waiting list to get a kidney is long and could take up to many years, she set up a Facebook page and posted a photo of their family and their need for kidney transplants.
  • The post went viral and her husband got a new kidney and the page is now helping others too.

When Kristi Callaway’s husband had kidney failure in 2014, she made a way to find him a donor and save his life.

Instead of waiting for 3-5 years, as per National Kidney Foundation, to get a kidney transplant, Callaway took it on herself to find battery ways and faster.

So she had her family’s portrait taken with her daughter holding a sign that says “Our Daddy needs a Kidney!” and then posted it on a Facebook page that she created, Our Daddy Needs a Kidney- Team Callaway

Photo Credit: Our Daddy Needs a Kidney-Team Callaway (Facebook)

Soon enough, her post went viral and it reached a stranger from 900 miles away from Georgia where they live. The stranger from Texas decided to help, went to get tested, and luckily he was a match. Teen weeks later, the operation was successfully done and Raleigh Callaway had a new kidney.

Seeing how effective using social media is to remedy their situation, she decided to transform her FB page into something where people could get help. 

“I just knew there were so many people following our page that were willing to help us,” Callaway told Fox 5 Atlanta. “Why not give them the opportunity to help others?”

Now, other people can also post their needs on the page. Their posts contain important information like blood types, contact numbers, and other. They also make it a chance to tell their own stories. So far, at least 23 lives have been saved through the page.

Even her mom, Kathryn Sorrells, turned up to be one of the donors in her page when she tested as a match for Debra Phillips who has been having kidney dialysis for two years.

“If anyone out there can help someone else, help change someone’s life, I just hope and pray that they will,” Raleigh said, encouraging others to help.

Source: The Healthy