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Woman Builds DIY Mid-Century Cat House Using Old Boxes For Her Pets



  • These cats love cardboard boxes, probably more than how they love actual toys.
  • Their owner decided to design a DIY cat house for the two cats, planning on using the old boxes to come up with something that she thinks they would enjoy.
  • The project turned out more successful than she would have hoped for.

Huckleberry and Floyd are quite the troublemakers. These cats became inseparable the moment they met, perhaps because they are equal in the number of mischiefs they get themselves into. Gentry Sanders troubles herself trying to keep up with her cats playing about, from all over their house.

The Dodo | Gentry Sanders

“Every day stuff is being knocked over, things are broken, they just love playing,” Gentry says.

She makes sure that her cats have a lot of toys, thinking that maybe this would keep her playful pets happy. Of course, Huckleberry and Floyd prefer cardboard boxes over the actual toys she bought them. This is why she makes it a point that every package she gets, she would have to hand out the empty box to her cats because the two are just too happy hanging out in them.

Gentry is a graphic designer and with the extra time she now has in her hands, she decided to build a house out of the cardboard boxes that her cats love so much.

“I figured I could just use the boxes to make something cute since they were always sitting out in my house,” Gentry said. “I love mid-century style and figured, ‘Why not a mid-century house?’”

The Dodo | Gentry Sanders

She set up her workspace quickly after gathering the materials she would need. This is not the first time she would be taking up DIY projects, but for the benefit of other animal lovers out there who are thinking of building a cat house for their pets, she detailed the project on her blog.

The project took one week to complete, spending her entire weekend putting the cat house together. She had to put in the effort especially since Huckleberry and Floyd supervised the project.

The Dodo | Gentry Sanders

“I can’t do anything in my house without them being involved in it,” Gentry said. “They loved the cutting of the cardboard because they got to lay on it and chew it. Surprisingly, they left me alone when I painted but I purposefully planned that during their afternoon nap time.”

Gentry was about done putting in the final touches for the cat house, but she is still worried that Huckleberry and Floyd would not approve of her project and would just want their plain old boxes back. She nervously presented the finished project to her cats…

The Dodo | Gentry Sanders
The Dodo | Gentry Sanders

… and she was relieved that they loved it.

The Dodo | Gentry Sanders

“They immediately were all over it and Floyd put his catnip banana inside and started chewing on it,” Gentry said.

The Dodo | Gentry Sanders

From the looks of things, Huckleberry and Floyd enjoy their new cat house. They absolutely adore the new hangout place built just for them, a place where they could play together all day long. It is not just because it is new either, the excitement for their new house remained intact days after.

“Since then, Huck sleeps in it all the time while I am working,” Gentry said. “Floyd either sleeps in it or works on tearing apart his catnip toys. I am honestly surprised how much they love it.”

Huckleberry and Floyd are not the only enjoying the mid-century cat house. These DIY projects are incredible, we cannot wait to see what project will she take on next!

Source: The Dodo