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Woman Complains Boyfriend Is Treating Her Cat Better Than Her [Video]



  • A video of a cat being given a paw massage on a man’s lap has gone viral.
  • The video’s text inlay of “When your bf treats your cat better than he treats you” made netizens LOL.
  • The cat’s owner who shared the video even asked her bf in the caption when she’s going to receive foot rubs making it more hilarious.

It really is hilarious how men could treat their pets better than their girlfriends.  Some would even go to the extent of choosing their pet’s company rather than their SOs.  But the thing here is, it is her cat!  What can she do? Grin and bear it or post it on TikTok?

TikTok user @lordfoldemort posted the now-viral clip of her boyfriend Bobby rubbing her cat’s paws.  The cat, Theo, with his tummy exposed was on Bobby’s lap and enjoying the massage.  The video’s text inlay reads: POV: “When your bf treats your cat better than he treats you.” She captioned it: @bobrayy where are my foot rubs??

@lordfoldemort @bobrayy ♬ Luna, amore e no – Piero Piccioni

And it’s got viewers ROFL and leaving comments!

Adila_Auzzzie wrote: “He’s not your BF he’s hers.” Eth0m1 added: “Sorry, but he’s not your bf anymore, the cat stole his heart.” And Sedicka Hendricks said: “A man that knows how to treat cats, is a keeper.”

Others shared their experiences. LadyDeathMoth commented: “Omg my husband BRO. He always cuddles her and kisses her little head and I ask “where’s mine” and he laughs and says I’m not fluffy and I don’t meow.”

Photo by Desi Dermz. on Unsplash

In her previous posts, @lordfoldemort explained that the cat is a foster fail as her boyfriend decided to keep her after falling in love with the cat.

To which user Terri Krische commented: “Wait! Did you keep her?” And Kiss b0ne said: “This is exactly why I’m scared to foster because I WILL keep them all.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), said that approximately 3.2 million companion cats end up in shelters all over the U.S. every year.

Photo by Raul Varzar on Unsplash

From this number, 100,000 cats who come in as strays are reunited with their owners, and approximately 2.1 million are adopted. Sadly, 530,000 shelter cats are put down.

In a National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) for 2021–2022, 90.5 million families or 70 percent of U.S. households, own at least one pet. 45.3 million of which own at least one cat.

And with owning comes $123.6 billion spent on spoiling the furbabies. On average, annual expenses amount to $902 for dogs and cats’ food, treats, toys, grooming services, and vet visits.

@lordfoldemort Replying to @dnothingw I’ve seen way too many comments asking if we have a GoFundMe, so here you go 🤍 link is in our bio. So thankful for each and every one of you willing to help Lord Foldy 🥺💜 #cancer #fuckcancer ♬ Read All About It, Pt. III – Favorite Star

Sadly, Theo was diagnosed with lymphoma and her parents are doing everything to get all her medical needs.

Just share the love, girl. After all, it is your cat. And maybe your boyfriend will give you some foot rubs soon.  

Source: Newsweek