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Woman Sets Up Cat House And Leaves Food Outside For A Stray Feline, Only To Find Out A Possum Has Been Eating Them



  • When Michelle’s family spotted a stray cat in their driveway, she was determined to meet him.
  • So she always left food for him outside and even set up a cat house in case he decided to rest.
  • But one night, Michelle learned that the one eating the food and sleeping on the comfy bed was actually a possum!

Michelle Slater’s family spotted a stray cat in their driveway last week. But before she was able to get out and meet the furry guest, he was already gone. Even so, Michelle still wanted to meet him in person so she schemed a way to lure him back by leaving some food out for him.

When Michelle noticed that the mystery cat was eating the food, she was thrilled. So she continued to provide food for him and even set up a cat house near it so the stray would have a place to rest.

Photo Credit: Michelle Slater

“The temps dropped on April 6th so I set out the [cat] house and blanket with a garden rock for a personal touch,” Michelle told The Dodo. 

The aloof ‘cat’ continued eating the food and Michelle knew he somehow stopped by the cat house because the blanket had been moved. But Michelle still hadn’t seen him and she just decided to call him Loki. She’s hoping that the time would come they’d be able to meet eye to eye.

So one night, Michelle took a chance and checked the porch if the mysterious cat was there…

Photo Credit: Michelle Slater

…But she was shocked to learn that Loki was not a cat after all—he’s a possum!

Apparently, the cat they initially saw in their driveway did not come back. It was Loki the possum who has been eating the food and enjoying the comfortable bed Michelle has set up. Regardless, Michelle was happy to meet him still and she decided to continue feeding him every night.

“I feed him every day and fill his water up,” Michelle said. “It’s always gone the next morning, but I haven’t gotten to see him again yet. He is still my phantom ‘kitty.’”

Source: The Dodo