Woodworking Craftsman Creates Beautiful Benches in Memory of the Uvalde Victims

  • Woodworking craftsman Sean Peacock from Georgia received an order for a memorial bench for a Uvalde school shooting victim.
  • Sean created a GoFundMe page to cover the cost of the bench and 20 more benches for the other victims of the shooting.
  • The memorial benches now serve as a tribute to all those whose lives were taken on that tragic day.

May 24 will forever be etched on the minds of Uvalde County residents.  On this day, 21 innocent victims (19 children and 2 adults) lost their lives in a shooting at Robb Elementary School.

For woodworking craftsman Sean Peacock of Eastman, Georgia, the news was just too heartbreaking.  He had to switch his TV off.

But six days after the incident, his Etsy store received a message for an order to make a custom butterfly bench for a 10-year-old girl named Makenna.  Even without knowing that it was an order from Uvalde, in his heart, he knew that Makenna was one of the shooting victims.

Photo Credit: Sean Peacock (Facebook)

A Google search confirmed his suspicion and he called Makenna’s mom to tell her that he would do the chair and give her a discount.  But he knew there were 20 more victims aside from Makenna and so he decided on making each one a memorial bench. 

He immediately set up a GoFundMe for $20,000 to cover the cost of the materials and within 48 hours, the page had raised $23,000!

Photo Credit: Sean Peacock (Facebook)

On the day that Makenna was laid to rest, Peacock revealed to Makenna’s mom that the bench was already paid for and so were the 20 others.

Peacock then devoted the next two months to crafting the 20 benches, adding a photo of each of the victims and carving inscriptions.  Normally, each bench would take six weeks to finish and would cost $1,800 each but Peacock finished it in half the time. 

Photo Credit: Sean Peacock (Facebook)

He said, “There’s a lot of labor that goes into this. This is a very special, precious item in any situation.”

And when he was done, Reverend Tyler Kirkley of Peacock’s church prayed over the benches before Peacock traveled 1,200 miles from his place in Georgia to Uvalde, Texas to deliver the benches and be with the families of the victims.

Rev Kirkley said, “My prayer, my hope is that love will make a difference, and when they sit on these benches, they’ll be reminded of a love that can change the world.”

Thank you, Sean Peacock for your craftsmanship in creating these tributes to the 21 beautiful lives.

Source: Inspire More

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Debrah Renee Capri

What a beautiful ,kind action . I teared up. They are absolutely breath taking! I do not know you, but I love you.

Thank you to Sean Peacock for his generosity, caring, & thoughtfulness!! God works in mysterious ways , & Sean is one of his Angels !!

How very noble!