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Cat Brings Kittens To Human Hospital For Help [Video]



  • In a now viral video, a mother cat is seen bringing her kittens to a hospital.
  • Medical personnel immediately attended to them and found out that the kittens had eye infections.
  • After giving them initial care, staff contacted a veterinarian for further proper treatment.

Turkey is known for its love for animals. They care for strays as much as their own. Last year, a mother cat brought her kitten to an emergency room in Istanbul and it got the attention that it needed.

This time, another cat mom carried her newborn kittens to a hospital in the Karabaglar district in Izmir and medical staff were quick to assist them. 

One worker said, “As we began to receive patients in the morning, she showed up with her kittens. She asked for help, meowing for a long time. We were shocked.”

Staff gave way for the felines at the hospital. They already knew the mother cat well as they had been feeding her.

According to one of the health workers, “We were giving food and water to the mother cat living on the street with other people living in this area. However, we did not know that she gave birth to kittens.”

Photo Credit: ÜLKE TV (Youtube)

In the video which has gone viral, there was no hesitancy but urgency to help the cat family. Hospital staff talked to the kittens while they were being examined.

One staff member said, “Upon careful examination, we saw that the kittens were not able to open their eyes due to infection. We consulted with veterinarians and gave medicine as described. When the kittens opened their eyes a short time later, we were thrilled.”

In the video, a nurse was seen putting eyedrops for the eye treatment.

Photo Credit: ÜLKE TV (Youtube)

Each and every member of the feline family was given the medical assistance they needed before the staff contacted a veterinary clinic for proper care.

The staff member said, “Later, we sent the mother cat and kittens to Uzundere for further care. This is the first time something like this has happened to us. We were emotional and delighted to see that they recovered well.”

Source: Bored Panda