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Chihuahua Gets Adopted with Kitten he Protected and Bonded with



  • Gomez and Morticia became a bonded pair despite being members of different species.
  • They were found huddled together at a soccer park, with Gomez protecting little Morticia.
  • After spending a few days at the shelter, the two have since been adopted together by their new family.

Meet Gomez and Morticia. Gomez, a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix, and Morticia, a months-old tuxedo kitten, may be of different species, but the two became “bonded” and could not be separated from each other.

Photo Credit: Adopt-A-Pet

The pair were both homeless until they were spotted together last month. A passersby saw them at a soccer park in Hampton, Virginia, huddled together between two portable toilets.

Photo Credit: Facebook

It seemed like Gomez was protecting the little kitten! He would growl at anyone who tried to get close.

So the locals blocked their escape routes as they waited for animal control to arrive and retrieve them.

Gomez seemed to be in good health. Morticia has some skin issues, however, so she was taken to the vet.

The two were then separated at the shelter, since their rules prohibit cats and dogs from being in the same space. However, they still had their occasional meet-ups.

Chihuahua Gets Adopted with Kitten he Protected and Bonded with
Photo Credit: TheDodo

After several days, no one has claimed them.

So when animal lover Turkan Ertugrul learned about them on Facebook, she pulled them from the shelter and coordinated with her rescue organization, Saver of Souls Pet Rescue, to find their perfect family.

Photo Credit: Facebook

She immediately realized that they had to be adopted together.

“They are both happier and more outgoing when together than when they meet people individually,” she explained.

Update! They have been adopted together! Gomez and Morticia: best buds!Posted by Saver of Souls Pet Rescue on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait too long.

Gomez and Morticia have found their forever family!

Chihuahua Gets Adopted with Kitten he Protected and Bonded with
Photo Credit: Facebook

Congratulations to the happy pair!

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