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Rescuer Adopts Stray Kitten Who Fell Asleep in her Backpack



  • Matea was biking home from work when she noticed a tiny stray kitten near a busy street.
  • When she scooped him up, he instantly relaxed, so she gently placed him in her backpack.
  • After getting treated at the vet, Gizmo the kitten felt much better and has since grown into a playful, loving cat.

Matea has “always had a soft spot for animals in need,” so when she spotted a tiny stray kitten wandering alone near a busy intersection, she knew she had to help her. She was biking home from work, so she gently placed the little furball in her backpack.

Photo Credit: Instagram/sara_the_ginger_cat

The kitten relaxed instantly when she scooped him up, perhaps realizing her good intentions.

Matea recalled, “At first, he was a bit fussy when I put him in a backpack. Soon enough, he got cozy on the dress I had in there and he fell asleep on it … I think he realized he had a soft and secure place to sleep.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/sara_the_ginger_cat

When Matea arrived home with the tiny tabby, she allowed him to sleep a bit longer in her backpack, where he felt safe.

She and her boyfriend then took the kitten, whom she named Gizmo, to the vet. There, Gizmo was given fluids, treated for fleas, and dewormed. Soon, Gizmo started feeling much better, as shown by his playful personality.

Matea shared, “He is such an Energizer bunny — hopping around, nipping at your ankles, playing with the many toys he’s got.”

She added, “Occasionally, he will jump on my back, as if he remembers that backpack ride on the day I found him!”

Gizmo quickly settled into his new home. He loves being near his mom all the time! He loves greeting his mom with a snuggle when she wakes up and when she gets back from work.

Photo Credit: Instagram/sara_the_ginger_cat

Matea hopes that their story inspires someone to “keep an eye out for the most vulnerable animals and help in any way they can.”

The lone kitten she helped has now become an important part of her life!

You can see more of Gizmo on Instagram.

Source: The Dodo