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15 Wholesome Cat Stories that Will Make Your Day



  • Cats are among the most favorite pets around the world, which makes for numerous stories.
  • Some stories simply warm the heart, and inspire others to adopt a cat, too!
  • These 15 adorable cat stories are sure to brighten your day.

Did you know that about 25.4 percent of all households in the U.S. have at least one cat? There surely wouldn’t be a shortage of heartwarming cat stories in that case!

Just check out 15 of these adorable cat stories that are sure to make your day.

1. This two-legged rescue cat named Rexie Roo now lives happily with animal lover Cairistiona.

Photo Credit: Instagram

2. This talkative cat loves chatting with his dad.

3. Morris the cat starts each day with a ride with his BFF, Champy the horse.

Photo Credit: Facebook

4. A cat lost in a Swiss mountain joins the hikers to scale the 10,000-foot summit.

Photo Credit: Instagram

5. Odie the Bengal cat took the spotlight during an actor’s at-home audition tape.

Photo Credit: Instagram

6. John Nugent found support during his cancer battle, thanks to his daughter’s Scottish fold named Sweet Potato.

Photo Credit: TikTok

7. This cat, who lives in a bouldering gym, always impresses with her rock climbing skills.

Photo Credit: YouTube

8. This cat loves taking a walk while on his BFF dog’s back.

Photo Credit: Instagram

9. Billy suddenly became a postcat who carried notes between neighbors.

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. A stray cat carried her sick kitties to a hospital in Turkey to get them checked.

Photo Credit: YouTube

11. Violinist Esther uses a fanny pack so she can still carry Rémila during practice sessions.

esther and remila
Photo Credit: Instagram

12. Anya was a shy rescue cat who eventually learned to “fly” lovingly to her foster mom.

13. Cat dad Bryan Davies created a tiny adorable bedroom for his rescue cat Wyatt.

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. Indy and Santi were overcome with excitement when their dad ordered 500 bouncy balls for their very own ball pit.

Photo Credit: YouTube

15. Renley was partially-paralyzed until his new mom helped him heal and walk again.

Photo Credit: Instagram

These wonderful stories surely make our hearts warm and filled with love.

Check out the links above to find out more about each story, and don’t forget to share to brighten someone’s day.

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