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No Hesitations: Woman rescues 2-legged cat she spotted online



  • Cairistiona Flatley spotted on social media a two-legged cat in need of a home.
  • Without thinking twice, Cairistiona adopted the special cat, Rexie Roo, and felt very happy with her decision.
  • The fur mom hopes she could inspire others to adopt animals with special needs.

Adopting a stray pet could be challenging, but bringing home one that has special needs might be so much more.

But this was not how Cairistiona Flatley thinks. For her, “all animals are deserving of love regardless of appearance or needs.”

And so, when she spotted a social media post looking for adoption of a two-legged feline, named Rexie Roo, she knew she could be the perfect parent for him.

Photo Credit: t.rexie.roo/Instagram

Rexie Roo is a young tuxedo cat who was found, rescued and brought to a shelter in rural Utah in January last year. Rescuers assumed that his broken legs, which were too crushed to restore, were caused by a car accident. Vets said that amputation is the only option so he could have a second chance at life.

As soon as she adopted Rexie Roo, Cairistiona worked things around her house to make sure he would feel at home, and she succeeded. She discovered that the cat is very food-motivated, which she took advantage of to entice him into doing his home physical therapy sessions.

Rexie Roo may have all the reasons to be grumpy, but his condition, plus the challenge of getting around with just hind legs, was never in any way seen at how Rexie Roo behaves. He has always been so loving, affectionate, and light-spirited.

Proud of him, Cairistiona shared how her life was made better because of Rexie Roo.

“… I hope his story inspires others to adopt animals that may look or move a little differently. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. My life is better because he is in it. I tell everyone he is the light of my life,” the fur mom said, who now considers herself as an advocate for animals with special needs.

Photo Credit: t.rexie.roo/Instagram

She added, “It’s incredible how your heart is capable of expanding even more than you thought was possible.”

Source: Inspire More