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10-Year-Old Boy and Friend Clean Snow Off Cars of Health Staff to Give Thanks [Video]



  • The recent nor’easter in Rhode Island covered driveways and parking lots with snow.
  • Two friends played a game to clean up cars at 4 employee parking lots in Westerly Hospital.
  • Christian Stone figured that cleaning the medical workers’ cars would help a bit after working all day dealing with the pandemic. 

Ten-year-old Christian Stone and Abbey Meeker, 29, played a game— to quickly clean out cars of medical workers when they unlocked them with their remotes.  The duo ended up wiping clean about 80 cars in four different Westerly Hospital employee parking lots during the nor’easter.

Pretty impressive accomplishment for a game.

Meeker says that it was Christian’s idea to do the deed and she just agreed to help him.  From knowing Christian’s mom for a time now, she has come to think of Christian as his little brother.

Meeker said, “Christian is wise beyond his years. He’s my little partner in crime.”

According to Christian, “I was thinking they’ve been helping us a lot through this whole pandemic, and I figured why don’t we help them, you know?” He says that nurses all day and everyday deal with the pandemic.  At the end of the day’s work, they want to get home. So, he thought of making it a bit easier for them by cleaning their cars.

Meeker was not surprised with the idea as even before they went to the hospital, they have been shoveling driveways of their neighbors for free.

On her own, Meeker really hates the snow. And during their cleaning operation, she and Christian had to change clothes twice because the freezing cold got them soaking wet.


She said, “If I had to do it by myself, I definitely would not have done it. But I knew how much it meant to Christian so I sucked it up.”

A hospital worker wondered why her car was so clean. She wrote, “Only thing I had to do was [get] in and drive away!” and added that because of the weather, it took her three hours to reach home.

Photo Credit: WJAR

The duo snow angels did not want any money for their service but two nurses insisted they accept the $20 they were giving or they would get mad.  Christian had no choice.

Christian said, “It’s been cold but extremely fun seeing how happy they get. Some of them say, ‘Thank you so much’ and I’m just really happy to see them happy.”

Good job, Chistian and Abbey!

Source: CNN