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10-Year-Old Kid Sells Ugly Pumpkins And Donates $720 Sales To Cancer Society [Video]



  • Fourth grader Charlie Jones, learned of the technique how to plant and grow “ugly pumpkins” while figuring out how to spend his extra time during quarantine. 
  • So he decided to plant them in perfect timing to harvest them fall — which turned out to be a huge haul. 
  • They advertised them on Facebook and unexpectedly, earned $720 which he donated every single cent to a cancer society.

After a fourth grader from Jamestown, Indiana, learned how to plant and achieve that funky looking pumpkins, he decided  to grow them on his own. 

Charlie Jones, 10, worked hard to plant  and grow seeds from rotting squash in perfect timing for him to harvest them by fall. 

He then sold them and got no problem getting customers to buy, because they knew where the proceeds would go — to support the cancer society. 

This all started when during the peak of the pandemic, his family caught the virus (and recovered), while he was fighting boredom, looking for every possible way to spend his extra time. 

He ended up planting seeds from rotting squash and got a huge haul! His mom, Corrie, advertised them on Facebook and unexpectedly, it became a hit! 

“This was just amazing, truly amazing, people lining up for ugly pumpkins,” Charlie said.

Photo Credit: Corrie Lamb Jones

Within only a few weeks, his ugly squashes have been sold out amounting to $720! 

He and his mom went straight ahead to Boone County Cancer Society and donated all their sales! It’s not just a proof of how kind he is but also a tremendous help to the organization especially in the middle of this difficult time, when most of their fundraisers have been cancelled. 

Photo Credit: Corrie Lamb Jones

As for Charlie, this is not the last time he’ll be selling his “ugly pumpkins.”

“The people don’t stop having cancer, so why should I stop selling pumpkins?”

Source: Inspire More