15 Animal parents every human parent can relate to

  • Raising kids changes life, they say. And we know it certainly does.
  • Parents usually go through sleepless nights, fix messy stuff nonstop, handle tantrums, and deal with a lot of other baby things.
  • And parent animals experience exactly the same!

Like humans, animal parents are also going through the roller coaster parenthood ride. What’s more incredible is how every expression tells the same thing — ‘somebody help me!’

1. This kitten is only trying to help, but she doesn’t realize she’s going to get their cover blown — dad cat is stealing some food from the counter!

Photo Credit: QuackMcDuck/Imgur

2. Can you read the panic in her eyes? They’re shouting for help, asking to save her from her kids!

Photo Credit: franticmuffin/Reddit

3. “When you want to quit but you know you can’t” eyes. Oh, look at this sleepless momma, looking like dog zombie, but still hanging in there.

Photo Credit: PsBattle/Reddit

4. This face perfectly displays that feeling the moment you realized you’re holding a different baby. Confusion covers her entire face! So, what is this owl doing here again?

Photo Credit: Marie anne/Pinterest

5. This dog thought that little corner would give enough distance to escape her puppies for a little while and have some alone time. But she is definitely mistaken!

Photo Credit: MazMe89/Imgur

6. Mother hedgehog is trying to put her baby to bed, showing her that she just needs to close her eyes, just like this… But the child is far from being drowsy. And mama? She’s already fallen asleep!

Photo Credit: QuackMcDuck/Imgur

7. Motherhood has confused this cat if she is a feline or an octopus.

Photo Credit: bigshmoo/Reddit

8. But some mommas face parenthood gracefully. Ask this husky mom how.

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. The look on this opossum’s face pretty sums up how it is like to take public transportation with a bunch of kids. And she knows playing dead isn’t an option.

Photo Credit: Interwebz/Imgur

10. Mama rhino’s greatest lesson from motherhood: learn to multi-task. Here she’s taking a shallow nap and feeding her baby, while chewing her grass.

Photo Credit: Toronto Zoo/YouTube

11. This puppy isn’t asking his mom’s permission to let him go to that doggo party, is he?! And is he doing it with those irresistible puppy eyes? Good luck, momma!

Photo Credit: QuackMcDuck/Imgur

12. Mama monkey had enough of her child. She isn’t allowing her to run away again, scouting for some popsicles.

Photo Credit: Giphy

13. This mom isn’t done chatting with her friends yet, but baby pony has, as usual, lost his patience again. Time to go, mom!

Photo Credit: QuackMcDuck/Imgur

14. What 3-AM playtime looks like. “Am I not dead yet?” is probably playing in this tired momma’s head.

Photo Credit: AdamE89/Reddit

15. ‘Just get it over with’ is this mother’s new motto in life. It keeps her going, regardless. BUT, aren’t you all done yet?!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Source: Daily Funny

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