$2M Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Won by Man who Lost Everything in Flood

Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

  • A Michigan man who lost everything in a flood last year had his luck turned around last week.
  • The Lucky 7’s ticket caught his attention when he was doing some grocery shopping.
  • Trying his luck, he bought one and won the $2M grand prize!

Last year, a Michigan man lost everything in a flood. Last week, Lady Luck smiled upon him and blessed him with $2 million.

The anonymous winner tried his luck at a Midland grocery store when he bought the scratch-off ticket for the state lottery’s $2 million Lucky 7’s instant game. And he won!

Photo Credit: Michigan Lottery

The 29-year-old man said in a statement from the lottery officials, “Last year, I lost everything in a flood, so to win this prize is so overwhelming to me.”

He said that he had never played the $20 tickets before. He was only buying some things at the grocery store on his way to pick up his kids when the Lucky 7’s ticket caught his attention.

“Seven is a lucky number for me, so I decided to take a chance and bought the ticket,” he said.

He then scratched the ticket when he got to his car.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

“When I saw I had a match, I thought: ‘Great, I won my money back!’ When I saw I had actually won $2 million, I couldn’t stop shaking,” he shared.

The winner then claimed his prize at the Lottery headquarters.

He chose to receive his winnings as an immediate one-time payment, amounting to around $1.3 million, instead of receiving annuity payments for the full $2 million.

He said he will use the winnings to pay bills and save up.

“Knowing my kids will be taken care of is the best feeling in the world,” he said.

It turns out that the lucky man had won the lottery before.

He shared, “A few years back, I won $10,000 and I thought that was my once-in-a-lifetime shot at winning the Lottery.”

Source: People

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