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8-Yr-Old With Muscular Dystrophy Receives A Gift From ‘Magic Wheelchair’ So He Could Join Trick-Or-Treating



  • Magic Wheelchair has been customizing costumes for kids in wheelchairs since 2015. 
  • This year, they created the cutest  “Stinky the garbage truck” from Amazon Prime’s “The Stinky & Dirty Show.”
  • The lucky recipient is an 8-year-old boy from Rhode Island, named Max.

For a lot of kids (and adults too), Halloween is one of their most favorite holidays! They get to dress up and become the characters and superheroes they aspire to be! 

But not all of the kids get to dress up easily. For some of them, like Max, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, it’s a bit challenging. He needs a costume that would fit him perfectly while he is in his wheelchair.

Thankfully, an amazing nonprofit called Magic Wheelchair, helped him make his dream come true. Bonnie Regan, a volunteer at the organization, built Max a custom design to transform his wheelchair into the cutest “Stinky the garbage truck” from Amazon Prime’s “The Stinky & Dirty Show.”

What’s more amazing is that Amazon decided to join in on the fun as well and gave Max a custom artwork that says: “The Stinky & Dirty & MAX Show!”

Photo Credit: @magicwheelchair (Instagram)

Magic Wheelchair has been around making kids happy since 2015. Its founder, Ryan Weimer, has two sons who have spinal muscular atrophy. That’s why, making differently abled kids feel happy and included in the festive Halloween, is something that is close to his heart. 

“Our mission is to bring communities together to create unforgettable moments for children around the world by transforming their wheelchairs into magic,” he said. 

Photo Credit: @magicwheelchair (Instagram)

What the families have to do is simply apply for a costume. They should meet the two main requirements: their child primarily uses a wheelchair and is between 6-17 years of age. 

The process of building the custom wheelchair  takes as long as 8 weeks, but the genuine smiles from kids and families they get for their free service, is everything that they need to stay inspired always. 

Photo Credit: @magicwheelchair (Instagram)

“The reveal is my favorite part,” says Bonnie. “Getting to see the kid’s face, and the family’s faces, by far that makes all the effort worth it.”

This is such an incredible idea to widen inclusivity and make more children happy regardless of their disabilities — and it’s extra creative too! Good job team

Source: Inspire More