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Veteran Donates 36 Acres of Land for Struggling Homeless Vets



  • U.S. Army veteran Marty Weber knows the many challenges some military veterans face — Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), drug addiction, and homelessness.
  • When his partner Jeff Poissant died four years ago, Marty donated 36 rural acres of land to be used as a rehab retreat for homeless veterans struggling with addiction.
  • Marty named the facility ‘Jeff’s Camp’ in honor of Poissant, who was also an Army vet.

U.S. Army veterans Marty Weber and his partner Jeff Poissant had experienced some of the struggles military vets can face.

Four years ago, Jeff passed away due to cancer. Marty honors his partner of 30 years by donating 36 rural acres of land to help struggling military veterans.

Photo Credit: Just Believe Inc (Facebook)

The piece of land, which borders New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve, will be used to build a rehabilitation center or retreat for vets battling mental illness and addiction.

Of course, Marty named it ‘Jeff’s Camp.’

That’s very generous of Marty, considering the property is worth around 3 million dollars.

He is now teaming up with Just Believe and New Life Addiction Services, two already-established homeless outreach programs.

According to Good News Network, Jeff’s Camp will have an 8,000-square-foot facility featuring a thrift store and a sober living residence providing treatment, rehabilitation, and vocational training.

What makes it all conducing to well-being is that the camp is located in a serene, wooded place.


“While (New Life) is working with them on the medical side, we can work on the rehabilitative/vocation side, getting them back into society, touching people, getting back into that public eye, and getting people what they need. That’s what the store is going to do,” Just Believe director Paul Hulse told

On May 27, Marty signed a letter of intent to deed over the land on which the rehab retreat center will be built. It was attended by New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim—whom Marty once ran against as a candidate for New Jersey’s 3rd district seat.

“If ever there was an issue that tries to unite our country it would be about supporting our veterans,” Rep. Kim told “So this is something where it should be all hands on deck. It should be a no-brainer to everybody.”

Thanks, Marty. Jeff would be so proud.

Source: Good News Network