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A Late-Night Trip To Throw Out The Trash Leads To A Kitten Rescue [Video]



  • A woman went to throw her trash out one late night when she heard meowing from the dumpsters.
  • She and her roommates found a kitty inside the dumpster that was placed inside a tied-up plastic bag in the freezing weather.
  • They rescued the kitty and informed the police of the incident and they are on the case to identify the culprit.

TikTok user @arielmeebs just came in from a night shift and even if it was already late, she decided to take out the trash to the dumpster.


Also just by chance I decided to throw away the trash at 10:30pm. Timing is impeccable and my roommates and I were meant to save this kitten. Please be aware of your surroundings. @katie.green2 @charlie0parker #animalabusiveneedstostop #animalabuse #animalabandonment ♬ original sound – ariel taylor

When she got near the bin, she heard some meowing.  She ran up to her roommates for them to help her locate the cat. And so, she started ripping through the trash bags.  She thought at first that there must have been a cat stuck in there somewhere.  But the meowing came from a kitten that was inside a tied-up plastic bag and left there inside the dumpster!    

Ariel and her roommates were so sad that in the freezing weather, someone could deliberately leave the kitten.  She immediately got the kitten and wiped and wrapped it in a small towel.  She posted the video of the rescue and appealed to others to please be aware of your surroundings as she captioned it.

They also contacted the police about the find and thankfully, they got a name from the trash from which the kitten was placed.  They are hoping the culprit would be identified and be made responsible for the animal abuse.


Replying to @catmama711 update on the kitten!!

♬ original sound – ariel taylor

Ariel may not have planned on rescuing a kitty but she was there at the place where it was meant to be by fate.

Viewers got so invested in the rescue that they could not help but comment like @allysondoescrime who said, “It is so horrifying that it was so deliberately tied into that small plastic bag and left to die.”  Viewer @des added, “I don’t know how people live after doing things like this. Now I won’t be able to sleep for days thinking about all the cats never found.”

And after the tragic events, there is some good news from @arielmeebs as she answered @catmama711’s request for an update.  Ariel said that the police are on the case and she is interested in adopting the kitty for she was the one who found him.  The officer is also interested in adopting the kitty.

After all it went through, the kitten would have a good place to come home to whether it would be with Ariel or the officer.  But we think Ariel deserves to be his mom. After all, she is his hero!


Source: Pet Helpful