Abandoned Cat That Hops From Car To Car At McDonald’s Finds Someone To Take Her Home

  • Alex da Ponte and her son went to a McDonald’s drive-through when they saw a cat that was jumping from one car to another.
  • Seeing that it was alone, da Ponte called the cat to her car and the cat did not hesitate to get in.
  • The Da Pontes brought the cat home and was quickly fostered and adopted by their neighbor.

When you pull in to a McDonald’s drive-through, you already have an idea of what to order.  But you may add or change your order when you see what is available on the menu.  But getting a cat and taking it home is definitely not on your mind.  But Alex da Ponte did just that.

Photo Credit: Alex De Ponte

From their car, the mom and her son could see a little orange cat jumping from one car to another.  Since the cat had a collar, she assumed that it belonged to one of the cars that were parked.  But it did not stay in one car but continued car hopping.  She concluded that the cat was on its own.

De Ponte said, “I pulled out of the drive-through line and into a parking spot. From the parking spot, I watched two other families try to dodge the cat as they came back to their cars … That’s when I decided to get her. No one else was helping her, and she clearly needed help. She was desperate to get into a car.”

She called the cat and the cat came quickly to them.

The cat even made herself at home inside the car, cuddled with da Ponte’s son and relaxed. Da Ponte said, “She was completely at ease in the car.”  And when the order came, she sneaked in a French fry.

Da Ponte’s son was so taken with the cat that he named her Seats.

Photo Credit: Alex De Ponte

Upon arriving at their home, da Ponte set out to look for a foster for Seats.  Luckily, their neighbor volunteered and eventually adopted her! 

Fate really stepped in for Seats. 

Source: The Dodo

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I hope the neighbor checked for a microchip and withe the local vet to be sure the actual owner was not missing the cat. Just because the cat was adventurous, did not mean it was abandoned. I would not take a cat with a collar until I was sure it was really needing a home.

The cat did not put the collar on by itself! Poor owner looking for the kitty!