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Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme Saves Dog From Being Euthanized



  • Belgian-based breeders sent chihuahua to Norway with fake papers.
  • Chihuahua was sent back to Bulgaria that does not allow transport of live animals.
  • The dog was set to be euthanized but Jean-Claude Van Damme spotlighted the incident on social media leading Belgian authorities to reconsider.

Jean Claude Van Damme saves the day in his movies.  This time, he saves the life of a chihuahua that was facing euthanasia due to passport problems.

Photo By Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons

Bulgaria-based breeders sold a 3-month-old Chihuahua named Raya to new Norwegian owners. She was sent to Norway but upon arrival, Norwegian authorities found out that Raya’s passport was faked.

She was deported to Bulgaria but authorities refuse to take her back due to policies regarding the transport of live animals. And since Norway is not a member of the European Union, Raya will eventually be euthanized.

This is where Jean-Claude Van Damme comes to the dog’s aid.

The actor, who also owns a chihuahua, appealed and pleaded to Bulgarian authorities to reconsider their position and took to social media for this cause. He also urgently requested his fans to petition on

The actor wrote on his Instagram page: “I beg, please, for my birthday, the food safety authority, change your decision. They made a mistake, the people who didn’t do the paper correctly … But they cannot kill that little chihuahua.”

Van Damme turned 60 last Oct. 18.

With the actor’s appeal and rising attention from his fans to the dog’s cause, the Bulgarian authorities reconsidered their decision and allowed the dog to enter the country.  Upon Raya’s arrival, she will be subjected to medical checks before she will be eligible for adoption.

Photo Credit: Jean Claude Van Damme/ Facebook

This is not the first time that Van Damme has championed the cause for dogs.  He has long advocated for adopting animals instead of shopping for them. 

In 2016, he appeared in an advertising campaign to motivate Australians to consider adopting greyhounds from dog races.  After this, he donated $30,000 to Animals Australia based in Sydney. 


Source: Yahoo Entertainment