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Adorable Cat Thinks He’s ‘Invisible’ When Hiding Under Bath Mats [Video]



  • Hannah Dordick’s rescue cat Pumpkin loves hiding under the bath mat and pretends he cannot be seen.
  • Pumpkin not only likes bath mats but anything that is on the floor like towels and bags for his hiding places.
  • But when his humans need brightening up, he’s ready to get out of his hiding place and cuddle with them.

When Hannah Dordick adopted a white and orange cat that she named Pumpkin, she was not expecting to be wrapped-up in his little paws.

Dordick said, “Pumpkin is a nutball, but also the sweetest little man. [He] seems to be happy almost all the time.” Pumpkin’s love, snuggles and antics has been making her life better and brighter.

@pumpkinnwaffles He has a bath mat obsession #kittensoftiktok #sillycats #kittenoftiktok #weirdcats #rescuecat ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

When he is not cuddling with his mom, taking naps, zooming around the house, his favorite thing to do is hide in places where he thinks he cannot be seen and just watch over his family.

But he has certainly laid claim to the bath mat. Dordick relates, “I believe he thinks if he’s under them you can’t see him. Other than that, my guess is that he is just a weirdo.”

Photo Credit: @pumpkinnwaffles (TikTok)

The bath mat may be his favorite but anything on the floor is fair game for pumpkin. He thinks he’s sneaky and hidden but he clearly can be seen by the humans.

Dordick added, “Pumpkin likes hiding under tote bags or towels that are on the ground as well. He’ll hide under a bag that is much smaller than him and act like you can’t see him.”

Photo Credit: @pumpkinnwaffles (TikTok)

Pumpkin may like his hide and seek games but when his family needs him, he comes out to be everyone’s dependable and cuddly friend.

Photo Credit: @pumpkinnwaffles (TikTok)

He has certainly brought the light back into Dordick’s life.  Keep the charm on, Pumpkin!  

Source: The Dodo