Adorable Doberman Can Only Fall Asleep With Blankie [Video]


  • Ragnarok the Doberman was preparing to go to sleep, but his bedtime ritual seemed incomplete.
  • Thankfully, his human reminded him about his blankie.
  • After getting his blankie, he covered himself up with it and immediately fell asleep.

What are the perfect conditions that help you fall asleep? Some people have a complete bedtime ritual that involves a warm bath, while others prefer to be buried under the blankets in a cold room. While some only take seconds to fall asleep, some need more time or certain things to help them.

One Doberman named Ragnarok definitely needs his blankie to have the perfect snooze. So when he forgot to take it with him before going to bed, his human made sure to remind him what he was missing.

In the video below, we can see Ragnarok going through his usual ritual of going around the bed, perhaps wrapping his blanket around him. Only this time, he didn’t have his blankie! Watch what happens when he finally gets his beloved blankie.

Ragnarok seemed incomplete without his blankie. And once he got it, it was all he needed to take him to dreamland.

Viewers loved how Ragnarok covered himself up. TikTok user @francodibanco1969 commented, “Super sweet and smart dog. I love it!” Another commenter, @larrybousies, found it “awesome” that Ragnarok “knows how to cover himself up in a blanket.”

Aside from the occasional reminder about his blanket, Ragnarok is self-sufficient when it comes to napping.

Photo Credit: TikTok/ragnarok.the.dobie

Other pet parents shared similar experiences with their dogs.

Viewer @janeadams07 wrote, “My dachshund would take a blanket and wrap it around his bed! Then he takes another blanket and rolls up in it! I miss him.” Another viewer, @lilbugmae, shared, “So cute! My Doberman loves to sleep under the covers too.”

It seems that a lot of dogs prefer snuggling up under the covers! Ragnarok certainly seemed to have a good snooze after he got cozy under his blankie.

Photo Credit: TikTok/ragnarok.the.dobie

Although we would prefer having our whole bodies under the blanket, this is Ragnarok’s preference. And if it helps him sleep better, we are all for it.

Source: Pet Helpful

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I sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep. I have learned to get up, go take an aspirin, sometimes take a shower and then lay down on the couch and I will fall asleep right away. Then after I have fallen asleep if I wake up I can go to bed and fall asleep quickly too. If I don’t do that I will roll and turn and not get to sleep at all. I read that someplace and tired it and by golly it worked so I use that now.