Adorable Little Lamb Loves Getting Kisses From Her Rescuers [Video]

  • Opal was critical and very weak when she was rescued by Edgar’s Mission, a non-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals.
  • The lamb’s growth had stunted and she hadn’t known human kindness.
  • With the love and care she receives at the sanctuary, Opal now loves getting kisses from her rescuer everyday.

When rescuers foud Opal, they thought she was a frost-covered rock. The little lamb was very weak and in critical condition. They thought she would not survive.

“When Opal arrived, she was critical and very weak,” Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission, told The Dodo. “And, like all babies, feeling the comforting embrace both calmed and protected her. You could feel her melt into your arms as she gave a little sigh letting the tension out of her body.”

Adorable lamb loves kisses

Sweet Opal loves kisses! 🥰 “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

Posted by Edgar’s Mission on Wednesday, 27 July 2022

After a full wellness check by the vet, they found out that Opal’s growth had stunted. Add to that, she clearly hadn’t known human kindness. But Pam and the staff at the sanctuary are determined to earn her trust.

“Unlike all the other little lambs who would swarm to our feet … little Opal did not,” Pam said. “Her fear had overtaken her, and she would pitifully try and flee as best she could. Often falling over in her still weakened state. This almost broke our hearts.”

Photo Credit: Edgar’s Mission (Facebook)

The staff at Edgar’s didn’t give up, especially Pam. Opal now understands how much her caregivers love her. She now also trusts the people caring for her. And the little lamb has an adorable way of thanking everyone who rescued and cared for her.

Opal gives everyone in the sanctuary the sweetest snuggles and kisses.

Photo Credit: Edgar’s Mission (Facebook)

“I would nestle little Opal to her chest,” Pam said. “She would tell her how special and brave she was, and that she had stolen all of our hearts. Little Opal loves hearing such soothing tones and blissfully closes her eyes whilst her sweet mouth seeks out the source of those words. And yes, it melts the hearts of all who witness this bond.”

The sweet little lamb comes a long way in her recovery. She’s living her best life at the sanctuary and she now knows nothing but kindness, comfort, and love.

You deserve that, Opal. Your rescuers are heroes.

Source: The Dodo

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Certainly touched me! God bless you who care for His Creations, especially the
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How can I send a contribution to your wonderful organization. I can’t afford
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