Adorable moment shows wife tells husband she is pregnant via Kiss Cam

  • A woman found out she was pregnant two days before she and her husband were supposed to watch an Orlando Magic game.
  • The woman said her husband always dreamed of receiving the news in a cool way.
  • The man found out about the pregnancy through Kiss Cam. 

When arenas use the “kiss cam” to put couples in the spotlight during professional sporting events, it’s always entertaining.

Taylor Wheaton Baily found out she was expecting her first child just two days before they were supposed to go to an Orlando Magic game. She knew she had to surprise her husband, James Baily, with the wonderful news.

“My husband has always dreamed of me telling him in a really cool way,” Taylor said. “So I thought it would be neat to get on the kiss cam.”

We’re not sure how she accomplished it, but she succeeded! The kiss cam cut to Taylor and James throughout the game. “Congratulations James!” read a graphic at the bottom of the screen. “You’re going to be a dad!”

When James reads the message, his expression is priceless! He is taken aback and instantly seeks confirmation from his wife.


James recalled: “When I looked up and saw the writing at the bottom, that’s just when my jaw dropped and it was just such a whirlwind of emotions at that point.” 

They had no idea their huge announcement would go viral, but by the time they left the arena, their phone was ringing nonstop!

Messages began to stream in shortly after it happened, according to James. “We saw you on Sports Center. We saw you on this, we saw you on that.”

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