Affectionate dog brags about secret admirer

  • Grizzly is an eight-month-old Goldendoodle.
  • He is a fun-loving, affectionate little dog to family, friends, and strangers alike.
  • His super loving nature earned him the love of many people, including a secret admirer!

Eight-month-old Goldendoodle Grizzly proved that love can be repaid by love and love alone.

Since Grizzly became a member of Marisa Buchheit’s family, he’s always been the center of attention because of his incredibly affectionate nature. According to Marisa, he would always almost greet every person that comes along his way, even strangers.

Photo Credit: Marisa Buchheit/The Dodo

“We always joke that he’s like the most kidnappable dog because he loves every human so much that someone could take him home and he wouldn’t even notice the difference,” Marisa said. “He’d love them as unconditionally as he loves us.”

During winter, when Marisa and Grizzly couldn’t even go out, he made sure he gets to at least cheer someone up. So, people walking past the hallways of their building didn’t escape Grizzly’s tender love.

Photo Credit: Marisa Buchheit/The Dodo

“Because it’s wintertime, we’ve been stuck inside a lot, so whenever Grizzly sees neighbors in the hallway or the elevator, he’s just so stinkin’ excited,” Marisa said. “He’ll jump up on them in a really sweet way and roll over and do this little howling when he sees them.”

Such a natural lover, Grizzly could instantly earn the love of those he encountered, even if it means secretly.

One time, Grizzly woke Marisa up in the wee hours of the morning just to go outside. To their surprise, there awaits a sweet surprise for Grizzly — and it came from an anonymous person!

Photo Credit: Marisa Buchheit/The Dodo

“We walked towards the elevator and I saw a little setup with ‘Grizzly’ written on a piece of paper, propped up, with some treats scattered around, a bowl of water and this really adorable looking teddy bear dog toy,” Marisa said. “I just started laughing kind of nervously because it was so sweet and touching.”

Grizzly was elated to see the sweet treats, which include chocolate cookies and a teddy bear.

Photo Credit: Marisa Buchheit/The Dodo

Marisa left a thank you note from Grizzly, and the next day it was gone. To this day, they didn’t know who the “secret admirer” was, but they both were just happy that Grizzly is making a difference within their small community.

“It just made me feel really happy that he could provide that kind of joy to someone, even though he’s not exactly a part of their lives,” Marisa said. “I think we all know that dogs bring great joy to the lives of their family, but the fact that he could actually touch someone that’s more or less a stranger really warms my heart,” she added.

Photo Credit: Marisa Buchheit/The Dodo

Even though Grizzly had no idea who his secret admirer is, he for sure would encounter that person again, and there’s no escaping his love and wet kisses!

Source: The Dodo

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