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Animal Rights Group Makes Sure Homeless Dogs Have Shelter In Extreme Weather



  • A doctoral student noticed the sad state of stray dogs in one suburban area in Thailand and came up with repurposed boards for their shelter.
  • Thailand has thousands of stray dogs and cities are now encouraged to use the boards to keep the strays from exposure to harsh elements.
  • Proper education and care for these homeless dogs and eventual adoption will certainly help in solving the stray dog situation.

Thailand’s streets are filled up with homeless dogs.  One volunteer group’s project, “Stand For Strays”, has been taking steps in ensuring that these pups have shelter, especially in extreme weather.

It started when doctoral student Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen saw stray dogs in suburban Pak Kret. In that suburb alone, there are 300 stray dogs. These dogs are exposed to the elements like sizzling heat and torrential rains of the tropics. 

Photo Credit: Yodsa Gap (Facebook)

And so, he came up with repurposed basic shields from hard poster boards for dogs’ shelters.

He teamed up with Stand for Strays for cities to use these billboards as dog shelters. Starting with 20 shelters distributed around the city, passersby can follow the instructions on how to ‘build’ and use them for the stray dogs.

Photo Credit: Yodsa Gap (Facebook)

The dogs took to the shelters in no time at all and are now making use of the shields for them to be sheltered.

From there, a newer design with designated spots for water and food bowls has been added to the original basic structure.  The dogs have been fed by neighbors and volunteers and so the addition of these provisions makes it easier for everyone.

Photo Credit: Yodsa Gap (Facebook)

Any idea that works and is shared on social media pages is bound to attract attention that would help in multiplying efforts.  The photos of the dog shelters received a warm response for the project.  Ajarn is hopeful that the stir that the shelters created would convert to more shelters for the stray dogs of Thailand.  And if possible, other countries who have similar dog situations.

It takes one simple step that would lead to giant strides in providing for the care of our beloved canines.  Being loved and cared for in forever homes is the sweetest ending for these strays but the shelters bring us closer to that. 

Photo Credit: Yodsa Gap (Facebook)

Dogs are man’s best friends.  Their loyalty has no bounds.  Let us all help in finding ways to make their lives better.

Source: Inspire More