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Another Fostering “Fail” Joyfully Expands Woman’s Canine Family to Five [Video]



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  • A TikTok user, Tracy, shares her joy over a “foster fail,” as her Great Pyrenees dog becomes the fifth member of her canine family.
  • The term “foster fail” is used when foster parents decide to adopt their foster pet, resulting in a decrease in available foster homes but also the formation of deep bonds and forever homes for these animals.
  • Tracy’s video has gained over 310,000 views and sparked comments from users sharing their own ‘foster fail’ stories and feelings.

Tracy, a TikToker with the handle @tracyfosterling, is experiencing the unique joy of a ‘foster fail.’

She recently revealed that her latest foster, a Great Pyrenees, has formed such a close bond with her family that she simply can’t imagine parting ways.

This heartwarming decision brings her family of furry friends to a total of five.

As Tracy shared in her video, “My foster dog has been with us for 10 months and we have a decision to make… If she stays with us or goes to a new home. Her bond with my dogs (and us) is so strong, and she’s become part of our family. I can’t image her leaving. That’s why she’s staying forever. We have officially foster failed with her…making her our 5th dog.”

The term “foster fail” has been used to describe situations where foster parents decide to keep their foster dog, rather than rehome them elsewhere.


It’s a humorous term, underlining the deep bonds that can form between a foster family and their temporary pet.

While it can mean one fewer foster home available, it also represents a rescue dog finding a permanent, loving home.

This video, which has been viewed over 310,000 times, has garnered a lot of love from the TikTok community.

One user shared, “This is why I’m not allowed to foster any more!!! I have foster failed 5 times… we have 9 dogs.”

Another commented, “Keep! We had a dog that we fostered since a pup and ended up keeping. The biggest sweetheart and it would have broke me to get rid of him.”

According to Pets Best Health Insurance, foster placements are vital for animal advocacy, especially for shelters with limited resources.


Despite the emotional challenge of parting ways, the role of a foster home is ultimately to provide a temporary refuge until a forever home is found.

However, there is certainly joy in a “foster fail,” too.

As Tracy and many others have shown, sometimes the forever home is right where the foster journey begins.