Anxious dog recovers after having “fake vet” watch over him in intensive care

  • Denali visits the Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital for his regular checkups. 
  • However, he recently had a condition that required surgery.
  • While Denali loves the vet, he gets overwhelmed by having too many people around him.

Denali has been a patient at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital since he was a puppy, so the entire staff is familiar with him. They generally look forward to seeing him for his regular checks, but the excessively curious husky recently got himself into some trouble and required their assistance.


“Denali’s mom called concerned because he wasn’t eating, which is very unlike him,” said Jillian, the marketing manager at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital. “He was even turning down his favorite snacks. After a physical exam, Dr. Sharpe decided to do X-rays in which she found … a rock foreign body.”

Denali had apparently eaten a rock, which did not agree with his body, making him worse and sicker. After a whole day of examining the poor dog, Dr. Sharpe deemed that surgery was required to extract the rock and help Denali recover.

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Denali loves his doctor, Dr. Sharpe, but seeing so many people around him all the time was making him nervous. He spent his entire time at the vet in the critical care unit, where he was continually monitored, which caused him to become overwhelmed. However, he also didn’t want to be fully alone, so the team devised a brilliant scheme to provide Denali with the balance he need.

They decided to build a fake vet to keep an eye on Denali, and as immediately as they set it in front of him, he became considerably calmer. The make-shift vet was made using an IV pole, mop, and an image of Dr. Sharpe. 

@glovecitiesvet Denali update: After chewing through 3 IV catheters, 5 IV lines, and 2 e-collars only 1 thing kept him calm, a make shift Dr. Sharpe to watch over him as he rests. 😂🐶❤️ #veterinarian #vetmed #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #husky #vethospital ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Denali became a perfect patient once he had the makeshift vet with him. He only needed a new type of assistance, which his pals at the vet were more than willing to provide. He’s doing much better today and hopefully won’t need to see the vet again for a long time.

“We are so thankful to say Denali is doing well after surgery,” Jillian shared. “He is home resting with his family and staying away from rocks!”

Source: The Dodo

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