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Baby Cuddling With His Dog Siblings Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today! [Video]



  • Jessica and Alex initially worried how their goldendoodles would react to their new little brother.
  • But the moment the pups saw Theo, he instantly became their most favorite human on earth.
  • Their photos and videos together are absolutely adorable, which no wonder why they’ve become famous to be featured on Fox News and Today show.

The love that dogs give their human siblings is something so wonderful and loyal. That has been apparent for a family from Connecticut.

The moment Jessica and Alex brought home their son Theo in November last year, they saw their three goldendoodles, Samson, Charley, and Shea, adore their new little brother!

Theo instantly became their new favorite human in the world and they just can’t stop from lingering by his side and have their photos taken with them.

“Welcome home,” the proud parents shared on Instagram. “We can’t wait to become your best furiends!

Photo Credit: @samsonthedood (Instagram)

On the other hand, Theo doesn’t mind having his dog siblings around all the time even if they are pretty much larger than him! When Theo was 3 months old, he spent most of his nap times snuggling with one of them.

Of course, it goes without saying, these cuddle sessions were captured in photos and videos. Why not? It’s too cute to resist not documenting these adorable moments!

Photo Credit: @samsonthedood (Instagram)

It is a pretty common trait for goldendoodles to be cuddly. In fact, they are so friendly they need to socialize, get affection, and interact as often as possible. That is why, it is always easy for them to snuggle up with their loved ones all the time.

Good thing, Theo loves his dog siblings so much he is absolutely a perfect match for them. 

Photo Credit: @samsonthedood (Instagram)

It’s easy to understand why their photos and videos go viral quickly every time because it is always cuteness overload. They have become very famous that they were even featured on the “Today” show and Fox News.

Well, after all the negativity in this world during these trying times, seeing Theo and his goldendoodle siblings is a happy pill we direly need.

Photo Credit: @samsonthedood (Instagram)

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