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Baby Giggles Hysterically After Discovering How To Play With Cats [Video]



  • A baby girl was playing with a toy wand when the cat beside her interacted with her.
  • She started giggling hysterically as she played with the two cats near her.
  • The cats started warming up to the little girl as soon as she learned how to play with them on her own.

A baby girl caught a case of the giggles when she discovered how to play with the family’s cats.

In a clip shared to Reddit by user kirbzy, a baby girl is seen sitting on a carpeted floor while waving a toy wand in front of one of two cats. When the cat in front of her catches the toy, she burst into giggles and started doing it again.

The baby was so happy to be playing with the cat! As she giggled hysterically, she rolled onto her back and waved the wand in the other direction, prompting the other cat to join in on the adorable playtime.

According to the baby’s parent, the two cats were initially “a little apprehensive” around their 8-month-old daughter. Like most kids, “she likes to grab onto their fur at close range.”

Eventually, “learning to play from a distance really helped them bond, especially since she is 8 months old and beginning to understand what she is doing.”

The baby’s parent said that the little girl started showing interest in the cats as early as 5 months old, so they taught her how to play with the toy wand “by holding it at the same time with her.”

Baby Giggles Hysterically After Discovering How To Play With Cats
Photo Credit: Reddit/u/kirbzy

“She always found it really funny for some reason,” they added. “Since learning to play with them on her own, they have slowly started to warm up to her even when she doesn’t have the rope.”

Reddit users loved the playful interaction.

Monolith0428 found it “adorable” and noted that the baby and both cats “seem to be really enjoying themselves.” User uraniumstingray added that even such a simple activity could be “hours of entertainment for them.”

We can definitely relate with Big_Ad_5533, who commented, “My face is going to explode it’s too cute.”


Fostering positive child-cat relationships

Photo Credit: Chewy/Unsplash

“Many variables can play a role in achieving a desirable relationship for a cat and child,” according to a November 2018 study in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

Positive relationships were found to be more likely when there are “two or more adults and multiple cats in the home,” while having only one cat typically involves “heightened aggression and reduced affection.” The study also found younger cats to be more affectionate.

Veterinarians Dr. Debra Horwitz and Dr. Gary Landsberg advised families to take precautions when allowing children to interact with pets.

They stated, “Children must be taught how to interact with and handle their family pet including how to approach, pat, or lift small pets. Wherever possible, play sessions and training should include the supervision of a parent.”

Source: Newsweek